54 ‘SOMETHINGS’ for Christmas

Christmas Day is on it’s way and we would like to spoil the people we have in our care.  Most of us are blessed with family, gifts, fancy food and treats on this day.  Our lives are filled with abundance of good things.  The greatest gift is to share what you have and bless others.  To make it easy we thought we would put an appeal out for 54 ‘SOMETHINGS’.  So far we have a donation of 54 packets of chips, 54 packets of sweets from Erinvale ECHO ladies group and are hoping for many more 54 somethings. Suggested gifts are: tins of coke, nail clipper, sports sock, vaseline hand cream, deodorant, tissue pack, toothbrushe, toothpaste, soap, biscuit, small tins of coffee, slab of chocolate, cracker, peak caps, water bottle, carry bag, magazines, etc  [we cater for 12 women and 42 men, incase you want to buy specific male / female gifts] We will hand this all out on Christmas Day with a special lunch. Can you imagine how excited they all will be to open up a hamper of gifts?! Contact the shelter on 021 851 4984 or 072 851 5362  and speak to Nazleah or Wayne, we can send Nicolaas our driver to collect.  Thank you xxx  
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