The 18th is next week Thursday and it just happens to be MANDELA DAY.  Which is a call to action for individuals – for people everywhere – to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place, one small step at a time, just as Mr Mandela did for more than 67 years. Start by devoting 67 minutes to community service on Mandela Day, on July 18 each year, and then make every day your Mandela Day by doing some good for others. Our Shelter desperately needs funds so that we can continue to help people who need us.  We have so many people to reach and need your involvement and support.  For those who LIKE THEIR COFFEE STRONG… we have the perfect opportunity for you.  Our local Theatre House, affectionately known as the PLAY HOUSE has given us the oppertunity to host one of their play nights.  The show is DRACULA, based on the original novel by Bram Stroker, the first vampire story, it promises the audience more thrills than they have ever experienced in a theatre.  Tickets are only R90, which include CHEESE & WINE.  We start at 7:15 pm, where you will have the opportunity to meet all the Shelter Staff.  And the show kicks off at 8 pm.  We have been told that a 12 year old sat through it with no problem, so it should be ok for most adults.  We would love for you to be BRAVE and simply come knowing you are HELPING THE HOMELESS in the HELDERBERG and the BONUS would be serving your 67 minutes for MANDELA DAY. We have registered with the Mandela Website:  mandeladay.com/calendar/event/dracula-cheese-wine-the-playhouse-in-somerset-west Bram Stroker Dracula
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