AGM Tonight

We are looking forward to the AGM tonight at the venue of LIFE Church, 6 pm sharp!  Erin Georgiou the Senior Editor of JOY! Christian magazine, Hassan Khan the CEO of the Haven who manage 14 shelters in and around Cape Town, plus numerous councillors and CITY of Cape Town Government representatives will be attending.  For many years the previous committee advertised the AGM in the local paper just as we have done, however many AGM were faced with lack of response form the community and low attendance.  Running a NPO with limited resources and on a volunteer basis, where all the time you put in is at your own cost is not easy.  I would to thank those who have faithfully served the Shelter over the last year!  Also if it wasn’t for the previous committee laying down such a great foundation of process in their meetings we would not have had the knowledge of how to proceed with the ‘paperwork’.  For the first time ever we have a solid relationship with local representatives from Social Development and they will be assisting us with the grant application process which is now at hand for 2012.  Receiving support from Government will make a tremendous difference to the current financial crises we now find ourselves in.  We are hoping to employ a qualified social worker.  Thank you to those who have embraced our effort to partner with like organisations, namely Oasis, Helderberg Skills Centre, Masincedane Community Service, Helderberg Cares and many others.  We are currently in the midst of a financial crises, so right now our primary focus is that of FOOD DONATIONS.   Please let us know if you are able to organise through a connection you have, or perhaps you own a business.  Any donation makes a big difference.  The next blog will be about the AGM.  Chat soon!
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