An Easy Lie to Tell

I thought I would take a moment to share a photo of Sandile Sigwimnxa who arrived at a local church last night around 8 pm.  He was clearly needing help and hungry.  I took the time to gently discuss his predicament.  He say’s that he sleeps by busy corner and his home address used to be Nzuzo Street in Sir Lowry’s Pass.  He did mention a wife, but I got the impression he was no longer welcome at home. I asked him if anyone helps him, he said he receives soup from the Helderberg Street Peoples Centre in Victoria Street and he had been to a place which he couldn’t get to the name of to stay, but he said he couldn’t pay the R10.  Well he didn’t realised that I am the chairperson, I contacted the staff team and asked if we had ever had Sandile stay at the Shelter, I also had the photo you see.  They confirmed as I thought that he has never checked into the shelter. On the street words get’s around and the easy story to tell is that they don’t have the money.  Our shelter provides accommodation and all the additional services for FREE for the FIRST 7 DAYS.  There after depending on the individuals situation we will charge anything from R10 – R15.  If the client we are assisting needs to wait to receive Government Grant aid in leu of there situation, we will wait too before we ask them to contribute.  If they are elderly, disabled or cannot earn we will not charge.  We have many in house chores that clients who cannot pay can sign up for in order to pay their way.  We believe in a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.  And with every person we assist we aim to get them to the place of self reliance. Please feel free to phone the shelter if you to come across this convenient story and would like to ‘check in’ on a person. Our number is: 021 852 4984 or you are welcome to phone Wayne Spammer the Manager at any time on: 072 851 5362 WHAT HAPPENED TO SANDILE AFTER THAT?   I gave him something to eat, a food parcel and clear instruction to go to the Shelter the next day as we CAN HELP HIM.Sandile Sigwimnxa small
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