The end of the year is fast approaching.  I mentioned I would give feedback after the AGM, well to say that it was an entertaining eventful meeting would be an understatement!  For the first time in many years we had over 50 people attend.  This is fantastic news.  The Shelter and the homeless people who make use of the shelter need all the public participation and attention we can get.  The committee will be meeting in a weeks time to conclude positions and finalise some pending issues.  Communication has been typed up which will be emailed to all the churches, business, organisations and friends asking for URGENT SUPPORT.  The shelter needs grocery support, financial support and volunteer support.  The sad fact remains that most people who live in the Helderberg and even those who have grown up here and are considered ‘locals’ do not know where the shelter is and have not visited the shelter.  We are needing to turn this around, the Shelter must be a community concern, run by the community and supported by those who care to make a difference.  Yes we all live busy lives and many are involved with issues here and matters there, however we are hoping and trusting that as the Shelter puts out an urgent cry for help, many will respond.  We know that the Shelter has great potential.  If everyone were to just make a small difference, big change will result. Next time we chat will be about our VOUCHER system, it’s been a long time coming and is finally here!
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