We had great fun on our Golf Day, the fund-raising portion is sitting at just over R20 000.  What we need to remember is that each person played at a reasonable fee of R265, they had great drinks & snacks on the course, received a goody bag with treats, attended a prize giving with delicious platters and everyone stood the chance to win the wonderful spot prizes, many did. So if you take the 50 odd players who played and you add up the worth of the whole Golf Day, figures can easily top R50 000.  Not bad for only our second year running.  For next year we would like to host the event on a bigger course, we would also like greater support, double the players will be the goal.  We are busy trying to secure Strand or Somerset West Golf Course, possibly Erinvale.  If you have any friends and are able to assist us, please do. In the meantime we are auctioning off a few of our extra items on Facebook, like two beautiful bottles of red wine from Beyerskoof, Magnums with limited addition sports stickers.  We are hoping they will get the price they deserve.  All these funds are going towards the simple burden of keeping the Shelter open and available to the homeless.  On average we accommodate people for free or as little as R5 – R10 per a night.  In reality it costs us R50 per a person per a night, to feed, clothe and cater for their social and emotional needs.  We have a great vision and are trying to expand into that by starting the Assessment Centre, which can accommodate an additional 6 people at any given time.  We are hoping that soon we will increase this to 12.  There is a massive need for us to do more than we do, to push forward, fundraising is key to this.  Most of these funds will go to operational costs, but part of them will go towards establishing this assessment centre.  Because even though we believe our hands of full and we are pushed to the limit with our normal 54 full beds, there is always more we can do.  There are always more people who need us.  Generally the public can’t help due to busyness, lack the skills, provision and expertise.  Whereas our team are familiar with most of the regular faces of begging and homelessness in Somerset West. The team know when the pleas is genuine and an actual plea for help, a ‘help me as I help myself’ kind of help. Everyday the shelter Team face disappointments and frustration in dealing with those who cannot help but continue in a never ending downward cycle.  BUT what keeps hope alive are those individuals whose hearts desire is to change, to seek help, to lift themselves up out of their situation with the support of the Team.  They respond well to chores, they take ahold of opportunity, they embrace the support structure the shelter has set up around them, these are the people that make it all worth while. Thank You for believing in who we are and what we do.  We need your continued support.  Come visit us, phone Paddy and make sure you send others our way, the homeless and ones with homes wanting to help those on the streets who beg for help.  An individual helping a homeless person directly as apposed to our organisation is not always the right answer, it may fix your feeling of compassion for a moment, but as you drive away, they are left with the opportunity to suppress their obvious needs with addictive substances or takeaway meals and other luxuries that the average member of this community only enjoy as a reward for hard earned money.  Rather support the SW Night Shelter and our team of 7.  They have the skill, the compassion and the understanding of what to do and what not to do.

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