WHAT IS YOUR NAME Jacques HOW OLD ARE YOU 34 WHEN LAST DID YOU STAY IN A HOME 8 years ago WHERE DID YOU GROW UP East London HOW DID YOU ARRIVE IN THE HELDERBERG (IF NOT FROM THE HELDERBERG) My girlfriend’s mom brought me here HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE SW NIGHT SHELTER My girlfriend’s mom knew about the shelter and brought me here HAVE YOU HAD CONTACT WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS No not at first. Slowly but surely I am able to talk to them after a long time ARE YOU ABLE TO RETURN TO THEM Not yet at this time ARE YOU RECEIVING A GOVERNMENT GRANT No DO YOU HAVE A JOB Yes WHAT ARE YOUR SKILLS I am a qualified chef WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CHALLENGES YOU FACE Getting my life back on track HOW HAS THE SW NIGHT SHELTER HELPED YOU It has helped me realize that I have a drug problem WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE STAFF TEAM They are very helpful WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FOOD Not too bad!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW TO FURTHER ASSIST PEOPLE WHO FIND THEMSELVES IN YOUR POSITION I could and would tell anyone about the Somerset west Night Shelter Jacques 1 smaller
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