We are busy organising the Christmas Day Gift boxes and can’t wait to bless our clients with them.  2013 has been one of our hardest years yet, we have had many struggles, but also in the midst of all the challenges, we have so much to be thankful for.  More and more people are getting involved and taking the time to show they care about those much less fortunate then themselves.  Imagine being HOMELESS… not a great thought.  At Christmas time we do everything we can to create express love and create a space of belonging for each and every person who is with us. On Sunday night we had a great Carols Service at the shelter, each client had the opportunity to put a Christmas decoration onto the beautiful large tree which was so kindly donated.  At first no one wanted to step up and be brave, but once the first person took the step towards the tree, they were all wanting a turn.  A lovely meal was served by LIFE Church volunteers on Monday night, chicken, salads and a sweet something for after.  The children from Life Church, about 10 of them handed out crackers and sweets.  We welcome all the support we can get, it is our LIFE LINE.  What keeps us going. We came accross this video about the HOMELESS PEOPLE IN MANCHESTER ENGLAND.  The video expresses what every shelter would like to express… PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER. We would love if you could take a moment to have a look. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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