Visit to the Ark

Last week Thursday Andre Venter and I took a ride on our bikes to visit Pastor Ralph @ the Ark. We were so blessed to see what an incredible work they are doing there.  They have over 300 men from various walks of life, situations and circumstances.  Their vegetable garden is the main activity which keeps they guys busy.  It is not for profit, as they have found in the past when they tried to run it like a small business, often they would be bought out of all their stock.  Andre and I took the opportunity to ask many questions and glean from their experience.  We were so impressed by the passion that the staff have for the people they are working with.  Gardening is thoroughly therapeutic and you can see how the guys from the age of 16 right up till late 80’s love what they are doing.  Pastor Ralph also showed us their woodwork shop and again some of the items being made are so beautiful and sell able that they cannot keep up with demand.  There is so much potential in everyone, yes even the down and out, homeless, unwanted, abandoned, set aside individual who lands up in organisations like ours and the Ark.  Thank you Pastor Ralph, thank you Ark for your hospitality!  We left encouraged and excited about our little shelter in Somerset West.  Andre has made great progress with the vegetable garden set up.  Noami has also been hard at work sharing her expertise.  We are now planning a fundraiser Art & Wine Auction for the end of the month.  Have a look at the invite and take a look at the beautiful flowers we enjoyed smelling while at the Ark.  
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