Here is an opportunity to get involved and support one of our local hero’s, Vanessa Willis-Schoeman.  We are honoured to have met her and look forward to a long lasting relationship. Vanessa co-ordinates a team who make soup and almost every night she feeds 30 – 40 who are on the streets. She has the social work training and knows how to promote our shelter and the services we offer. We look forward to receiving her application to do her practical internship with us. Enjoy reading her testimony, she is an amazing lady who needs all our support and encouragement. “During her mid-forties, Vanessa Willis-Schoeman decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her childhood passion of working with people in society as a Social Worker. She commenced her BA Social Work degree soon thereafter. Vanessa is a solo parent who currently holds three part time jobs to sustain her family, whilst studying. She is confident to finalise her degree in 2015. She is an avid contributor to the well-being of others, even sharing her own means to make sure that, for instance, homeless people receive regular meals, solo parents are provided with the means to sustain and advance themselves, regularly having an uplifting word often accompanying a plate of food . Vanessa, as a person-centred individual, has deep compassion for people in need. In this, she has been involved with and volunteered at places such as the Anthea Pieters Safe House in Eersterivier, on whose Board she served as an ad-hoc member, conducting trauma counseling at the Somerset West Police Victim Support Centre and assisting in the community to help feed the homeless. Her aim is to continue with this feeding scheme until such a time that this activity can be better coordinated between the various groups having similar aims and goals. In addition, she is currently supporting the aims and goals of the Somerset West Night Shelter, where she will apply to do her practical internship during 2015. Vanessa’s vision is to help individuals within the system to make a difference in their lives and to empower them. As she herself has endured many of her own hardships and struggles, even having to feed her own son, who was living on the streets due to drug abuse and thereafter being incarcerated in Pollsmoor, for a period, she can empathise with people facing adversity, hence her success in applying her own experience in alleviating their plight. This gave credence to her personal motto: “You can only lead where you have been!”. Vanessa   Contact Vanessa by email on: willis.schoeman@gmail.com
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