How we work

How we do it.

Our method is to make temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support available to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration.

We partner and co operate with religious institutions, organisations, welfare bodies, service providers, businesses, government departments, local authorities and individuals concerned with the care and welfare of the destitute.

To promote community awareness of the social problems arising out of destitution and to encourage the participation of the public in the alleviation of such problems.

To reduce the opportunities for people to continue to live on the streets.

When you enter the Night Shelter as a client

When a homeless person comes in we will welcome the person and explain what The Somerset West Night Shelter does and allow the homeless person time to make up his mind whether we a partner for him on his way home or not. We give help begin a process of screening and begin the client registration process. The client completes a registration form and gets something to eat, given health pack, new cloths, a warm shower and assigned a bed. That’s where it begins.

Social work

We are able to assist the homeless person on his journey getting to a home.  The Somerset West Night Shelter employs social workers to undertake an in depth assessment and help the homeless person construct a personal development plan. This will indicate that needs to be done and for how long the temporary shelter is necessary in order for the client to successfully complete the requirements in the personal development plan. Progress is measured regularly and adjusted if necessary. The shelter manager is responsible for administration, hospitality, good order and arrangements with respect to work opportunities and the clients exit from the shelter.

Shelter Fees

Part of taking responsibility is that clients have to pay basic daily rate for services if unemployed and increases when they get emplyment. Clients can earn there stay at a shelter by working for in the shelter.

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