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When someone arrives at the shelter we assist them by providing secure overnight sleeping accommodation, an evening meal and breakfast and ablution facilities with warm showers. Social work services are given such as counselling, identity document applications, social grant applications, pension applications, liaising with other organisations such as old age homes, clinics and hospitals. Various workshops are given like the HIV awareness program.

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None of our achievements – helping the homeless – would be possible without you. If a lot of people make a lot of small changes, together we can make a big difference. Lessen homelessness in the Helderberg. Financial donations enable us to keep the Somerset West Night Shelter open.

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To be a Night Shelter Volunteer is a fantastic opportunity to give some of your time, laughter, and energy back to the community. Our clients need to be reminded that we still care for them and that they have a place in society. While donations help keep the doors open it is the personal touch of our Volunteers that breathe new energy and life into our Shelter.

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